lunedì 1 ottobre 2007

Live Language is a great small school tucked away in an undiscovered area of Italy. I went to the Salento to teach English there for an academic year and had a great experience. It did wonders for my Italian as very few people in the area speak English, so you can easily avoid the trap of people practising their English on you the second they hear your foreign accent! The area is beautiful.. the coastline is stunning and the flavour of the whole countryside is a truly Mediterranean one.When you add this to the stereotypically friendly locals and the delicious Pugliese dishes it all amounts to a uniquely Italian atmosphere and a great place to perfect fluency or just try out new phrases you are learning.
The actual school is friendly and modern with a forward-thinking approach to language learning and provides a personalised and individual approach to lessons and each student’s needs. I have loved teaching there and really enjoyed practising my own language skills out with Elisabetta the wonderful Direttrice and the family of welcoming locals which Aradeo provides.

Laura - Manchester (UK)

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